Since 2005, we have been a worldwide reference and pioneers in the development of unique and exclusive nutritional supplements containing a high level of natural antioxidants from the Mediterranean. 

Our development, harvest, extraction and packaging processes are carried out entirely in Spain.

The food quality and safety group at the Miguel Hernández University in Spain certifies the polyphenol content of our food supplements and has confirmed that they meet functional food requirements.


Leading producer since 1971 of standardised herbal extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries to support health and well-being with natural solutions. In 2019, Euromed was acquired by renowned German pharmaceutical group Dermapharm.


fruit and vegetable extracts

Inspired by the healthy ageing properties associated with the Mediterranean Diet and linked mainly to its phytochemical content, Euromed presents a new range of fruit and vegetable extracts based on scientific evidence of the benefits of pomegranates, olives, artichokes, figs, lemons and Spanish spinach, all sourced locally and sustainably.



Organic extraction method that uses ultra-pure water as the only solvent, preserving and concentrating the natural ingredients of the fruit. No risk of possible impurities from residual volatile solvents.